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    GRANITE CHIEF 2 tested by "" (IT) - 06/2017

    "The bike has been extensively updated, which further improved the already high-quality features making it perfectly suitable for all-mountain use…”


    "Value for money" winner in RennRad magazine - the XEON CW-3100

    RennRad - 08/2017

    Verdict: "The Xeon CW offers great value for money. The Rose bike not only stands out for great aerodynamics, yet also particularly for its riding qualities, first and foremost enormous agility."


    XEON CWX-3000 tested by "4Granfondo"

    4Granfondo (IT) - 06/2017

    “The bike shows its strengths where maintaining high speed is paramount. [...] a bike designed for competitions and for performance-oriented cyclists ...”


    The GRANITE CHIEF 2 tested by "Up/Down"

    Up/Down #2-2017

    Verdict: "The Granite Chief 2 is - just like last year - a well-designed all-rounder with a lot of reserves, with which you can have a lot of fun, even in the Alps. If you do not like black or if you would like to replace one or two components, you can easily change the configuration. We really appreciate this opportunity."


    The X-LITE TEAM-4100 tested by "fiets"

    Fiets (NL) - 07/2017

    Verdict: " […] Such a lightweight racer simply means fun. Pedal, brake, corner and accelerate again […] "


    ROOT MILLER 2 tested by Velomotion

    Velomotion - 06/2017

    Verdict: "The Rose Root Miller 2 is an extremely powerful trail bike with a very well tuned suspension, which is also suitable for tough trails. Good looks and features for this price class, excellent finish. […] In total, this is an impressive offer for downhill riders."


    The X-LITE CRS-8810 tested by RennRad

    RennRad 07/2017

    Verdict: "Lightweight, agile - and not unaffordable. The ROSE is not a tuning racer out of touch with reality, but instead totally suitable for everyday life. With other features, you can even get it at a lower price."


    Test victory for the X-LITE 2 in a test of the RoadBIKE magazine

    RoadBIKE - 07/2017

    Verdict: "The new X-Lite 2 outdoes its competitors with a low weight and professional class riding characteristics. Top components top off the best bike in test. Well done!"


    X-LITE CDX-8800 tested by "Elessar"

    Elessar (IT) - 06/2017

    “The X-LITE CDX manages to make you faster by effectively transferring the power from the pedals to the rear wheel and absorbing bumps without making you tired at all.”


    X-LITE CDX-8810 tested by "" - 06/2017

    “This high-end model combines all features to best handle long mountain races, ... this X-LITE CDX offers excellent value for money.”